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BE-S07 Mini 7 seat Beer bike

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Electric beer bike Up to 7 passengers, 4 seats with pedals .so you can rotate breaks if needed
 1)Power display
 Hydraulic disc brakes .Parking brake and foot brake ,Forward gears and reverse gear  
 Lithium Battery 48V / 120ah 2500W Brushless Motor with pedal assist( Full power can travel:. 80-100km enough horsepower! )
 2) Lighting:  LED light Control .Including turn signals, running lights, brake lights ,decorative lights line
 LED lighting system used to light up the night and be seen safely (and stylishly)
 3)--The New beer bike upgrade Big-height Backrest seat/ upgrade add handrails and the stage/Top cover with Baggage storage box /Free tools /music players with remote/seat belt and reverse mirror/Extra spare tire and drink holder for you .                                                          
 4) Sound system Operating System:  2 speaker stereo system ,Our music control system, where the driver can use the Iphone, Ipad, Ipod or cell phone with USB, or a memory card. You can change songs and volume !  USB chargers built in! Don't worry about finding a place to plug in your phone .
 5)  There are many Big places you can advertisements :Top sides, front and back, to be wide enough for signage - company name and phone number For company .
 6) The new waterproof top :-The top is the use of high-strength flexible film material and support system to form a certain rigid Of the stable surface, can withstand a certain external load of the spatial structure of the form. Its shape is free, lightweight, full of power, fire, easy production, installation fast, energy saving, easy to use, and so on So that it is widely used around the world.
 7)Comfortable adjustable seats and leather seat backs for riders of all sizes :Back bench 58-60 inches long and seat 12 inches wide
 Engineered for comfort - geared and designed for easy pedaling while maintaining a safe customer experience