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The Beer bike

WELCOME TO Bestar beer bike !

Bestar beer bike has grown into a reputable company over the last 15 years as it expanded its market into Europe as well as Africa and Oceania, by placing a high priority on the continuous quality improvement and prompt after-sale service.

Have you ever heard of the amazing four wheel beer bike?

The 7 -11 -15 person bike is fabulous four wheel bicycles that can accommodate the entire family!
Can you imagine you and your family friend, team, corporate events, weddings, being able to enjoy a fun bike ride all in one bicycle pedaling together drink a little beer, and toghter chatting, laughing?
It's all possible with the amazing four wheel bike!

They can usually fit anywhere from 15-16 people!
Is not that awesome?
You can ride through the streets and enjoy the beautiful beaches while pedaling a fun 4 wheel bike with your family!
They are perfect for when you have visitors and you want to show them.
Beer bike is also a fun and interesting bike for rental. You can rent on large square, local city park, island beach, tourism companies, wedding companies, advertising agencies etc. Depending your particular market, the rental rate ranges is from $ / € 350 an 3 -5 hour.

If you spend most spare time sitting in front of the computer, stress at work, and feel your hearth is in low state, the surrey bike is the best choose to leisure and exercise. You must love and enjoy it!
We are waiting for you to join!
Join us ~ bestar group.